Ubuntu – Ubuntu 12.04 – Wakes from Suspend by itself


This problem has only just started and I don't know what has changed to cause it.

I suspend my ubuntu 12.04 PC and it used to stay asleep until I hit the enter key to wake it up but for the last week or so it's been waking itself up.

I've checked the BIOS settings and all the Wake on Lan settings are Disabled. I've used the ethtool command and the wake on lan is set to "d" which I've read been off.

Can anyone suggest anything?

Best Answer

I had a similar problem and it was an annoying one until I found the fix. I would suspsend my pc and then it would do so for like 3 seconds. After that, it just wake up automatically. I've found the fix here Ubuntu Suspsend Fix. Check out the post #6. Hope it helps. :)

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