Ubuntu – Ubuntu 12.04 in VMware split screen issue after updating


I have Ubuntu installed on VMware player.

After installing the last updates the screen went like this image:
enter image description here

As you see I have not real second Menu(it is not clickable)

Why did this happen and how to fix?

Best Answer

I used my VM previous snapshot to reproduce the problem.

Previous kernel: 3.2.0-63. VM running ok.

1) I applied all updates (including openssl) but NOT the kernel. After rebooting, the VM screen is OK.

2) I updated again (only the kernel packages, version 3.2.0-64 were pending: complete kernel, headers and kernel image) and rebooted: split / doubled screen shows up!

3) I ran vmware-config-tools.pl in other to generate modules for the new kernel and rebooted: the split screen persists. Not solved.

4) also tried a full VM power off / power on: the problem persists.

It seems to be definitely a kernel 3.2.0-64 - related issue.

Suggestion: apply all updates (the openssl update is critical), but skip the kernel packages for now, until we get a fix from VMware or the Ubuntu team.

(AND: ALWAYS create a snapshot before you update anything !!)

See also these threads:



In summary: if you don't have a previous snapshot, either enable the grub menu on boot and choose a previous kernel (e.g. 3.2.0-63) or: using the package manager, uninstall the kernel 3.2.0-64 and RE-INSTALL the previous kernel (this will take care of grub and boot configs).

Let's wait for a fix. And don't update the kernel for now.

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