Ubuntu – Ubuntu 12.04 How to bind the “scale” and “expo” features of compiz to the Logitech Performance MX


I have a nice multi-button Logitech Performance MX and like to map my two thumb buttons to the scale and expo compiz plugins.

[please note that this has changed in Ubuntu 12.10]

Best Answer

The first step is to hit alt+f2 which will bring up a "run application" dialog box. In the entry field put in gconf-editor and then click 'run'. From here you will navigate to:

apps -> compiz -> plugins

You then need to find the expo and scale plugin entries as shown below.

expo gconf-editor settings scale gconf-editor settings

If you want to use corners you would use the 'expo-edge' for expo and 'initiate-all-edge' for scale. The edges are case sensitive.

BottomRight, TopRight, etc.