Ubuntu – Ubuntu 11.04 DUAL monitor issue


Hello I have a laptop 15' and was going to use 23' external monitor.

I attached it and they both were working fine. But what I wanted is
just to use only one monitor and leave laptop's display to be turned off.

I couldn't find a way to do it and after playing with settings I turned first monitor off
hoping that system decides to use the second one as main monitor.

However they both are now showing black.

I am having to detach my second monitor and restart my machine (from another terminal's console)

What I want..is just turn laptops monitor off and use 23' one when it's attached.

I would also be quite happy if you would tell me where does Ubuntu store settings about monitors.

I also would to at least to be able to use two monitors at the same time (i.e revoke my last change)

Best Answer

If you are on 11.04 type monitor on unity launcher

Then you will see your monitors like this

enter image description here

If you want to turned of the laptop screen and use the external one jsut select the laptop monitor and then click on Off radio button. then click on apply

like this: enter image description here

Now you have only the external monitor.

Update - Replying to the comment below.

You should remove ~/.config/monitors.xml and try again.

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