Ubuntu – Ubuntu 10.04 cannot detect the monitor, low resolution produced, does this guide work


I am working in office and I can't risk to format my harddisk but my screen cannot detect native resolution (using wide screen), the max resolution it provdies is 1280×1024 and I want 1440×900. I am afraid i will do something wrong and cannot boot up the computer again later and need to reformat harddisk….

I found this guide useful but not sure does it reli work?

Does anyone can help me or comment this guide?
I don't have any nvidia or ati graphic card but only with intel onboard graphics display, the chipset should be intel H67 with sandy bridge. Thanks a lot.

Best Answer

I would guess that guide is likely be helpful.

More to the point, if you are careful, you wouldn't need to reformat even if it doesn't work. By careful I mean:

  1. Taking good notes about what changes you're making
  2. Making backups of all files you change
  3. Type carefully, or copy/paste commands

If you do these things and something goes wrong, worst case, you would need to use a liveCD to change the settings back to the way they were.

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