Unity Launcher Stacks – Tweak to Allow OSX-like Stacks in Unity Launcher


I know there is a way of doing it in Cairo dock (see this Q&A), but I love the Unity Launcher and would like to keep using that. I've spent so much time working with stacks before that starting to use the dashboard to get to stuff is counterproductive for me. Is there any tweak that allows stacks (NOT QUICKLISTS) in the launcher?

PS Dean Howell suggested using the files lens, and frankly it is sort of what I am looking for, but invoking it takes long enough so that it defeats the purpose of using it in the first place. But this gave me an idea. Is it at all possible to "dock" a lens on the launcher, so that it would show the dash focused on a certain directory?

Best Answer

You cannot add stacks, no. To add them, you'd have to hack the code to support that feature. The closest thing you will get, will be to add your own custom launchers with quicklists, without diving into the code.

However, you can press Super+F (Windows key+F) I think, to go directly to the files lens in the dash. You can hold the Super key down for a few seconds, and it will show a shortcuts overlay, if that isn't the correct shortcut. There are also shortcuts to go directly to the Apps and other lenses.

Beyond either of those working for what you want to do though, you'll have to start hacking the code.

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