Ubuntu – Trying to connect a Samsung m2020w printer to wireless network


I have a Samsung m2020w printer. I have succeeded in downloading the printer drivers and can use the printer with a USB cable. However, I am unable to use the wireless connection. The difficulty is that I can't connect the printer to the wifi network (as this needs to be done via a PC).

I've tried using the installation disk via Wine but at the point that I am asked to temporarily connect the printer to the computer with a USB lead I get the message "The printer is not found" even though I can print pages (proving that the printer is connected).

Any ideas?

Best Answer

You will need a little networking knowhow to get your Samsung setup wirelessly. It doesn t appear the control panel gives you the option of lower case letters. I first wire connected the printer to an open port on the router. When the connection was established I printed out the network settings in order to obtain the printer s wired IP address. I opened up my browser and typed in the IP address (eg. 192.168.1.x) which connected me to the network interface on the Samsung printer. From there I clicked Network > Wireless and was able to find my SSID and enter in my password (which included upper case, lower case, and numbers.) I removed the wired cable from the printer and router and the printer was able to establish a wireles connection.

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