Ubuntu – Triple boot win7,Ubuntu,Kali


I am running window7 and Ubuntu 13.10 together.

I'd like to also have Kali linux installed.Despite I did the installation of both OS , I am not a veteran in this subject , I dont know where to start on and if it is possible with a total HD of 250gb

Many thanks in advance

Best Answer

With currently five OSes installed on my 100GB hard drive, I can confirm that it is indeed possible to have more than a dual-boot.

You'll have to take some space from either Ubuntu or Windows to install kali.

I won't elaborate much, since it's explained well in the kali linux documentation: http://docs.kali.org/installation/dual-boot-kali-with-windows

As a side note, kali will install a new bootloader, which will replace Ubuntu's. While this isn't nessecarily bad, if you want ubuntu's classy purple GRUB, you may want to look up how to use grub-install.

Just a hint: search. There's a lot of documentation out there.

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