Ubuntu – transmission torrent won’t reconnect to data folder


I was about 90% through downloading a torrent when I needed to do a reboot. When I turned the computer back on and went back into Transmission to resume downloading I got the message:

Error no data found! Ensure your drives are connected or use "set location"

I'm not sure why this happened as the drives were never physically disconnected, but maybe perhaps I launched Transmission before they were mounted. In an attempt to fix this, I restarted the computer and allowed the drives to mount before starting Transmission, but I still got the same error about the missing data.

In attempt to fix this, I tried the following:

Right clicking the torrent in Transmission, then clicking "Set Location", selecting 'data is already there' radio button, and then navigating to the folder where the data is. (I made sure I pointed Transmission to the parent directory where the data was downloading to. To double check where Transmission thought the data was, I right clicked the torrent in Transmssion, went to properties, and looked at LOCATION, which showed exactly where I told it to set the folder to.

After setting the location to where the files were I right clicked on the torrent and clicked 'Verify Local Data', but nothing seemed to happen after that and the error remained.

I also did the above actions with 'Move Data File To' the location, with no results either.


So, the only thing I can think of at this opint is something I read on another site about the files. Someone mentioned that if I did not download ALL the files set out in the torrent file, that Transmission might think it's not the same when trying to reconnect. In my case when I was prompted to choose which files I wanted to download from the torrent, I did not choose everything (omitting to download some files).

Could this be the reason this is not working? Is there another way to make this work without having to re-download the whole thing (this is a 100 gig+ torrent, and I dont want to lose my ratio, and time spent getting the files).

Using Transmission v.2.82 (14160) on Ubuntu 14.04

Thank you

Best Answer

No promises, but the following worked for me:

  • Right-click the torrent, then select Copy Magnet Link to Clipboard
  • Right-click the torrent, then select Remove
  • Click Remove
  • File -> Open URL
  • Click Open
  • Click Open again
  • Right-click the newly (re)created torrent, then select Verify Local Data

Good luck.