Ubuntu – Transfer “BackinTime” saves from old PC to new one


I'm changing my pc for a newer one. For two years, I have been keeping weekly "saves" using BackinTime. These saves are very helpful: they help to quickly go over the whole history of a project. Now, I'm wondering, is there a way to use these backintime saves from another PC than the one used to create them and, if yes, how (if it helps, currently these saves reside on an external HDD)?

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That's one of the biggest advantage of BackInTime! You can access the snapshots from everywhere. Even without BackInTime because they are just normal files which you can browse with every file browser.

But you can also install BackInTime on your new PC and just copy over the config file ~/.config/backintime/config or reconfigure everything in the same way like on your old machine.

You will have to uncheck Auto Host/User/ProfileID in Settings > General Tab and change Host and maybe User to match the name and user of your old PC. After that is done all your snapshots should show up in BackInTime again.

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