Ubuntu – Thunderbird 68.3.1 Profile-How to install in Ubuntu 18.04


I want to move from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 18.04, and have transferred most files to do so.

But I have 14GB of Thunderbird email data which is crucial. The Windows 7 Thunderbird profile is from Thunderbird 68.3.1. It refuses to load in Ubuntu, whose Thunderbird is 68.2.2. It gives a message saying that the profile from Windows 7 is from a newer version of Thunderbird than 68.2.2, and that I need that newer version.

I cannot find that newer version in the repositories.

What should I do?

Thank you for your advice.

Best Answer

You can try downgrading your profile from the terminal by launching Thunderbird as follows:

thunderbird --allow-downgrade

Please make sure you backup your profile just in case something goes wrong during the downgrade. Upon successful conversion, ensure everything is in place and check for updates for your addons (if any) then close Thunderbird.

Future launches should now work out of the box.

Hope this helps.

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