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I was able to install and dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 13.04 (both x64) just a while ago. As a newbie in Ubuntu, I'm still searching for ways to install my games because I'm planning to make Ubuntu my main OS because it's like really cool and smooth and uses less resources.

So, I was wondering if there are softwares that are similar to ThrottleStop. I need it because my Laptop throttles upon reaching 75C (processor). I play heavy games so, I need to stop it from throttling. Of course I'm not trying to kill my laptop. I adjust my multiplier so that it wont reach as much as 95C. Nothing much I can do. I'm just making the most out of my Laptop since I can't buy a new one yet. I don't have a job 😐 I'm still just a student.

Anyways, Is there any software similar to ThrottleStop so that I can adjust the multiplier and disable throttling.

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ThrottleStop writes data to the multiplier request register. This is MSR 0x199. You should be able to write a simple batch file that writes the same data to this register when you are using Linux.

You can use the MSR Tool to see what values ThrottleStop is writing to this register.


It lets you read and write data to various CPU registers in Windows. Doing the same thing should be doable in Linux. Setting a multiplier in MSR 0x199 that is less than the default maximum should allow you to slow your CPU down which will reduce how much heat it puts out. That's all the ThrottleStop - Set Multiplier feature does. Clock modulation is hiding in MSR 0x19A. Using that register is useful on the 2nd and 3rd Gen Core i CPUs when your goal is to limit heat output.

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