Ubuntu – the terminal command for launching a web app

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In Ubuntu 14.04, We know all Web apps run in ubuntu-made browser instead of firefox. I would like Gmail and some other services Webapps (in the ubuntu made browser) to launch in the startup. To do this, I need terminal command line to launch web app. I tried, gmail,Gmail, unity-webapps-Gmail,webapps-Gmail. Nothing I tried works. I request someone to help me.

Best Answer

You can start Ubuntu Web Browser by

$ webbrowser-app <address>
$ webbrowser-app https://mail.google.com

Press Super (Windows key) type Startup Application. enter image description here

  1. Click Add.
  2. Enter whatever you want to run at startup. For eg unity-webapps-gmail (replace firefox).
  3. Click Add & Close
  4. Next time you login it will launch gmail (or whatever you entered) automatically for you.

All unity apps. See this.

For other services, you need to enter your service address. Replace (field 2) with webbrowser-app http://mail.google.com (or any other) for Unity Web Browser to launch with.

Happy to help.