Ubuntu – The ‘resume after suspend’ problem


I recently moved back to Ubuntu. And it has seriously improved. Everything is so smooth and fast.
Except, I have this issue, like so many others, I cant wake up after suspend while on battery.
With my charger plugged in, I can close and open the lid all day long. No Sweat. But battery powered? It's going down, Black Screen of Doom every time.

So I tried changing drivers. I removed the ones Ubuntu came with.
And that made things worse. I heard it works for a lot of guys, bur not me. I think I did it right. I ended up in low graphics mode and couldn't get out of it. So I had to re-install, lose all my data, install Ubuntu again, and try driver thing again. Same thing. Low graphics mode. No way out. Re-install. Live with the bug.

If there are any suggestions out there, I'd love to hear 'em.

I tried to output the system error that comes after each restart, but it didn't work.

My computer is a Asus U36S sporting a NVidia 610M.

com.ubuntu.apport.apport-gtk-root says:



Best Answer

I have this problem too but for me it is very simple. I just use the shortcut on my laptop keyboard to turn the monitor on and then again on(not sleep just the monitor). Than it all comes back to normal.

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