Ubuntu – The package libpam-systemd needs to be reinstalled


Every time I go into the system, I have Red Circle with a line through it up the top of my screen. If I click on that symbol I get a message:

An error occurred. Please run package manager from the right click menu or run apt-get in a terminal to see what is wrong. The error message was: 'Unknown Error: ''(E:The package libpam-systemd needs to be reinstalled, but can't find an archive for it.)' This usually means that your installed packages have unmet dependencies

apt-get doesn't seem to run properly either!

Any help much appreciated.

Best Answer

Aptitude is a high level package manager, that you can use instead of apt.

Open terminal, Crl-Alt-T

sudo apt-get install aptitude

Then run

sudo aptitude install -f

This should find and fix any broken packages and identify any unmet dependencies.

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