Ubuntu – The Linux equivalent of C drive on SSD and D drive on HDD


I am installing Ubuntu and used to Windows, so I will make the comparisons to it.

I have a SSD and an HDD.

In windows I would install the OS on the SSD (making it C drive) and put all my games and movies on the HDD (as the D drive).

What's the equivalent in Linux? Mount the SSD as root (/) and the HDD as… what? Does it even need a mount point or can I just use it as /dev/sdc3? What even is a mount point? Can I do it later?

The options are:

  • /
  • /boot
  • /home
  • /tmp
  • /usr
  • /var
  • /srv
  • /opt
  • /usr/local

Best Answer

Drives aren't labeled like Windows in Linux. You can create separate partitions and/or drives for each folder (directory) or you can stack them under "root" /.

Any folder you don't allocate in a separate partition will by default be under the / folder as if you had a C: drive with \ folder.

I set up with HDD in anticipation of getting a 256 or 500GB SSD soon. Here is what I would do with your layout.

1 fat32 /boot/efi 380 MiB
2 ext4 / 24GB
3 linux swap 8GB (optional)
4 ext4 /home remainder of drive

1 ext4 /other (whole drive)


1 ext4 /games (your size choice) 2 ext4 /movies (remainder of drive)

I hope this helps.

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