Ubuntu – the function of the list of loop devices?


A lot of strange loop devices appear in my Kubuntu OS.

enter image description here

  Hard disk 107.4GB  
  Hard disk 487.0GB  
  Loop Device  
  Hard Disk 4.0GB  
  Loop Device  
  Loop Device  
  Loop Device  
  Loop Device  
  Victor Disk]

Can anybody tell me what it is? .

Best Answer

The loop devices come from snap packages that you installed, one loop device for each snap package that is installed. If gnome-disk-utility package is installed, ISO images can be mounted as loop devices in Dolphin file manager's left pane under the Devices heading.

If you unmount the loop device of a snap package, the snap application will stop working until the next time you reboot or restart the computer, and then it will resume working normally. The right way to disable/enable a snap in the system is with the command sudo snap disable <name-of-snap-package> and enable a snap with sudo snap enable <name-of-snap-package>. The way to permanently delete a snap loop device is to uninstall the snap with the command sudo snap remove <name-of-snap-package>.