Ubuntu – the difference between Ubuntu+XFCE and Xubuntu


There are many derivatives to Ubuntu, of which Xubuntu is one, using XFCE as a desktop environment. One can install Xubuntu directly from an ISO or install XFCE as an alternative session on Ubuntu.

I am wondering: Is there more difference between installing Xubuntu from ISO and installing XFCE to Ubuntu?
– If so which are these difference?
– Which of the two do you recommend and why?

Best Answer

There is an xubuntu live (desktop) cd available here :


xfce is a desktop environment , see http://www.xfce.org/ and http://xwinman.org/

So when you install xfce you get xfce.

xubuntu, however, is an additional set of packages and customizations to make the xfce experience more rich. xubuntu-desktop is a meta package and you can see the entire list of packages here


As you can see the list includes xfce + a number of additional packages.

See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems#XFCE

Use which ever you prefer, from your post I would suggest you stay with Ubuntu (unity).