Ubuntu – the difference between Ubuntu Kylin and Ubuntu with default language chinese


After going through the Home Page of Ubuntu Kylin, I rather find no considerable difference between Ubuntu Kylin and Ubuntu with Chinese language set as default.

There are of course some special Chinese apps (Chinese lunar calendar, for example); but can't these apps be installed on Ubuntu as well?

So if I get an Ubuntu, customize it to have all the same apps as Kylin, and set Chinese as default language, what will be the difference between both?

What was the need of kylin, when ubuntu is itself so customizable?

There is no bad in bringing an custom Ubuntu for Chinese people.But there seems to be no reason for making it official.If we look at other official distros like lubuntu or xubuntu, they have a significant difference than ubuntu.This is not the case with kylin.It would only take, say 15 minutes to convert Ubuntu into Ubuntu Kylin.

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It's just to be used as a national distro. Really deep there is no main differences between them but just to meet the needs of the Chinese government.

The Kylin OS was formerly developed by academics at the National University of Defense Technology in China. It was based on FreeBSD and was intended for use by the Chinese military and other government organizations. In 2013, the Chinese Government reached an agreement with Canonical for them to release a Chinese version of the popular Ubuntu distro and it will be used as a national OS.

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