Ubuntu – Tail the “in the last hour written lines from a log file” is it possible

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I am trying to grep looking for a pattern in to a log file, but I need the last hour of the log file. A tail -n XX will not work. Does anybody know if this is possible? Some kind of tail the "in the last hour written lines from a log file"

If there is any command or procedure I appreciate that.

Thanks a lot

Best Answer

Let's say your log have the following structure:

219.369.42.449 - - [05/Mar/2020:11:05:17 +0200] "log line"
219.369.42.449 - - [05/Mar/2020:11:06:37 +0200] "log line"
219.369.42.449 - - [05/Mar/2020:12:01:14 +0200] "log line"
219.369.42.449 - - [05/Mar/2020:12:07:23 +0200] "log line"

We can get all lines from the first occurrence of 05/Mar/2020:11 to the end $ of the file by using sed in the following way:

sed -n '/05\/Mar\/2020:11/,$p' "/path/to/file.log"
  • The option -n will suppress the normal output of sed, but the flag p will print the matched part of the file.

  • Note, if there isn't presented any record that mach to 05/Mar/2020:11, sed wont provide any output.

We can automate the above by the help of the commands date and eval:

COMMAND="sed -n '/$(LANG=C date --date='1 hour ago' "+%d\/%b\/%Y:%H")/,\$p'"
eval $COMMAND \"/path/to/file.log\"
  • Using sed with double quote marks and variable within the expression doesn't provide the desired output in this case.
  • So we first constructing the command as string and convert it to a real command by eval.
  • LANG=C (LANG=en_us_88591) stands in order to get the desired date format, because, for example, in my case the default value of this envvar is bg_BG.UTF-8.

You can create a script, based on the two lines above - examples of such script: