Ubuntu – System keeps asking for cryptswap password


I have a fresh installation of Kubuntu 16.04.1 (kernel 4.13.0-32-generic). The home folder is encrypted (installation option).

The OS keeps asking for the encrypted swap partition password in two cases:

  1. On boot, before the log in screen it always asks for the password for cryptswap.
  2. On sudo apt-get upgrade see image: screenshow of apt-get upgrade

This causes two major usability problems:

  1. One I already asked here. Still no answer.
  2. The other is that the GUI software center does not automatically detect updates, it does only after I do sudo apt-get update. Also, it "hangs" when updating from GUI (I suspect that it is waiting for the cryptswap password that from the terminal I can write but not in the GUI).

Best Answer

after lots of search engine fu, I was able to find someone with the same issue as us. It was a simple fix:

sudo apt install ecryptfs-utils --reinstall
sudo update-grub

There was a long thread in 2015 about how ecryptfs-utils, GPT partitions, and swap can get a little dicey with systemd.

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