Ubuntu – Symbolic links error while creating Ubuntu UEFI bootable USB


I have tried to create UEFI bootable USB drive within Ubuntu 14.10 (Startup disk creator didn't help nor I am interested in using it.).
I have formated USB with FAT32 and GPT. So the only thing left to do would be just to copy all files from ISO to USB. That method worked when it comes to Linux Mint 17.1 and Clonezilla live CD, but when I tried to create bootable USB for Ubuntu 14.04 or Kubuntu 15.04 beta 1 there was an error copying files. Actually, on several occasions (4 or 5) pop-up window appeared.
enter image description here

After ignoring this errors, both Ubuntu and Kubuntu USB boot-up just fine, with no apparent problems in Live mode.

  1. Can someone please elaborate what this symbolic links presents?
  2. Will this cause some problem when OS is installed?

Best Answer

You can find symbolic links with the -type l option to find. I don't happen to have a 15.04 beta CD image handy, but I do have a 14.10 image, and I ran the command against it:

$ find /mnt/cdrom -type l 

Those are all the symbolic links on the image file. I can't say I know precisely why they're there. If you can install from a medium that lacks these links, though, chances are everything will be fine and there will be no long-lasting problems caused by the fact that your installation medium lacks these links.

One more point: My preferred method of creating a Linux installation medium is to use dd, thus:

sudo dd if=imagefile.iso of=/dev/sdc

Change the if= and of= values as necessary. The resulting disk is something of a Frankenstein's monster in terms of its partitioning and related data structures, but it does work.

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