Ubuntu – Switching OS from Ubuntu to XP

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I originally had Windows XP on my computer. Then I decided to download Ubuntu 12.04. I didn't use any CDs or USBs or anything. I did not know that in doing so I wouldn't have access to any of my files. If I switch back to XP will my files still be there? If so, how do I switch back?

Best Answer

Sounds like that you are using Wubi since you said that you didn't use any USB drives and CD's.

To access your C Drive in Wubi, click the Folder icon on the launcher, then click File System on the sidebar. Go to /host and you will see your C drive on Windows XP.

To uninstall Ubuntu, go to the Control Panel and uninstall "Ubuntu".

Your files will still be there as usual. But not those files that you created in Ubuntu.

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