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In older versions of Firefox there was an option to switch off loading of graphics. Now, in 28.0 I can no longer find it. It used to be in

[Edit] -> [Preferences] -> ...

Is there a simple way to avoid loading graphics in current versions of Firefox?

Best Answer

The option you are looking for is buried away in the Firefox configuration options.

In the search bar type about:config as shown and accept the warning subsequently shown.

Search for permissions.default as shown

enter image description here

Right click and choose Modify and change the value to either 2 to block all images or 3 to block images coming from other sites not the site being loaded.

1 allows all images to load,
2 blocks all images,
3 allows only images from the same site to load and blocks third-party-images


... and here is an example of option 2 with google.co.uk i.e. no google logo

enter image description here

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