Ubuntu – Support for hardware components


How can I find out if Ubuntu supports a particular hardware component, that is, if it works in Ubuntu?

I am going to put together a computer and I am choosing components.

  • How do I know if Ubuntu supports this or that motherboard, or this or that sound card, or this or that graphics card, etc?
  • How do I know that there is no conflict in Ubuntu between this and that hardware component?

What resources are there to help with such situations?

I know that there are computers with Ubuntu pre-installed and that there are Ubuntu certification for whole computers but this is not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for resources to find out support for particular hardware components and conflicts among particular hardware components.

Best Answer

You could use hardware compatibility databases. You can even set Ubuntu Linux as a search attribute.

When I buy new hardware I usually google for that hardware. Let's say I want to buy a graphic card from nvidia, the gtx260. I would google for "gtx 260 ubuntu" and then I see if other people have any problems. I do that for all the hardware. I always prefer hardware from companies who have open-source drivers or generally a good reputation in the linux community.

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