Superhot Game – How to Fix Superhot Game Not Running


I've downloaded a prototype of a game called superhot here. I've extracted it, and downloaded the plugins mentioned in a similar question here, but no joy. When i click on the .x86 file, I get

"SUPERHOT September 2013.x86
Could not display 'SUPERHOT September 2013.x86'
Reason: Unrecognised or unsupported data."

Best Answer

Assuming the file is downloaded and extracted into your ~/Downloads folder, run the following commands in an open terminal to run the game:

cd ~/Downloads/SUPERHOT_Prototype_Linux/Linux
chmod +x *x86

If you need to, start over and run the following commands in an open terminal one by one to download:

cd Linux
chmod +x $HOME/Linux/*.x86

Finally, execute the following command to run the game:


enter image description here

It should now run just fine. If it doesn't run, please post the exact output from the terminal to show us why so we can help, thanks.