Ubuntu – Strange folder in the home folder after a failed run of BleachBit


A folder was created in my home folder (not by anyone), and I cannot see the folder contents. She has root privileges, but when the nautilus root access the folder is empty. When I try to remove it, it will appear to remove more than 1 million files from my computer, and I do not know what these files are.

How i can see these files? the name of folder created is "4F8ZBREShQ". I'm scared about it…

Best Answer

Short answer: do

rm -r 4F8ZBREShQ

and go for a walk or get yourself a coffee.

Long answer:

Seems a bug of BleachBit. See http://bleachbit.sourceforge.net/forum/unremovable-folder-after-trying-wipe-free-space; you can join the discussion there.

The OP of Not able to delete folder from gui or terminal has been able to get rid of it, see the answer; but probably his method is overkill.

In effect, doing a rm -r 4F8ZBREShQ and being patient (really really patient; ext4 is not a speed monster for large directories, and this is LARGE) would work.

Recent ext4 should use a linear time with the size of the directory for the deletion process; even then, deleting millions of files will require a considerable time --- from tens of minutes to several hours.

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