Ubuntu – Steam not installing on Ubuntu 17.04

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I have tried a couple of different methods of installing Steam.

If I install "Steam Installer" by searching for Steam in the software centre, and click launch, nothing happens.

If I try to install it using the command line, using these instructions, when I enter "gdebi steam.deb" it outputs "gdebi error, file not found: steam.deb".

If I try to download Steam directly from Valve here, it opens the software centre, and as with installing from the installer in my first method, nothing happens when I click install.

Best Answer

  1. Enable the Universe Repository
  2. Install gdebi: sudo apt-get install gdebi
  3. Download Steam here
  4. When prompted select "Other" and then select "GDebi" as the installer as shown below:


  5. Click "Install Package", and when you see the image below click "Start Steam" to complete the installation.


  6. Enjoy!

Edit: For some reason I had to run ~/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam to get it to launch and update the first time. Since then it launches normally.

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