Ubuntu – Startup Disk Creator is not showing the ISO image


I downloaded the Ubuntu 13.04 32-bit image from ubuntu.com. I am trying to create a bootable image of USB drive.

Startup Disk Creator is able to recognize the USB correctly and automatically. When I choose the ISO by clicking on Other…, it doesn't throw any error, but the file does not appear in the Startup Disk Creator window.

The ISO is 705 MB in size and I am on 12.10. I tried creating an empty ISO file and it is not being recognized.

Can you please help me in this regard ? Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

Try doing it another way. First, determine what device node your USB stick is (usually /dev/sdb unless you have another storage device plugged in or multiple hard drives).

(To verify, you can open the Disks application that comes with Ubuntu, find your disk and click it, then look right under it for the device node.)

All you have to do now is open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T and run

sudo  dd  if=/path/to/ubuntu.iso  of=/dev/sdX  bs=8M

where /path/to/ubuntu.iso is the actual path to the Ubuntu ISO and /dev/sdX is your USB stick device node. That never failed me.