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I am using stackapplet v1.4 it's not getting started automatically.Every time i want to start it manually from Application>>Accessories>>StackApplet.I am sure i have enabled the option Start StackApplet during login but it's not working.What's going wrong here?

~/.xsession-errors shows the following result.
alt text

Best Answer

Open up ~/.config/autostart/stackapplet.desktop, verify that it is the same as this:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=python /usr/share/stackapplet/stackapplet.py
Comment=a panel indicator for monitoring StackExchange sites

The problem is likely with the Exec line, if you used to be using an older version that had a different Exec command.

Even if they are the same, try removing that file. Then un-check and re-check the Start Stackapplet during login checkbox.

UPDATE: Looking at your ~/.xsession-errors, StackApplet needs internet access to work. If you aren't connected to the internet right away on login, you'll need to delay StackApplet from starting before you have connected to the internet.
Paste the following in a file called .stackapplet-start.sh in your home folder:

sleep 30 && python /usr/share/stackapplet/stackapplet.py

Make that file executable:

chmod a+x ~/.stackapplet-start.sh

Now open System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications, edit the StackApplet entry and change the Command: to /home/<USERNAME>/.stackapplet-start.sh.

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