Ubuntu – SSH connection refused when connecting remotly


I set up my Ubuntu server and it can connect to itself when running ssh localhost. However, when I run Putty on windows 8 I get a "connection refused" error.
I have, to the best of my ability:

  • disabled the firewall
  • double checked port number in putty
  • allowed putty in my windows firewall (I can connect to other servers fine)
  • reinstalled ssh

When trying to connect with putty I am using and port 22 (I did not change the port number on my server from default).
I think the problem is that the server isn't allowing external devices to connect to it still but if it isn't the firewall then I'm not quite sure where to look, I'm not the linux Guru I wish I was but I know enough to get by with most things.

Additionally, I realize there have been many posts on this connection refused error, however I just spent all day reading through them and I couldn't find anything that looked relevant to the issues I am experiencing

Best Answer

If I am reading your question right, it sounds like you are using putty on windows, to connect to ubuntu. It also sounds like you are giving putty the IP If that is the case, you are telling putty to connect to your windows computer. To find the IP on ubuntu, you could run ip addr show (on the ubuntu computer), then use the IP address for the interface you are using for internet (en0, wlan0, etc) with putty.