Ubuntu – Specify parameters for launcher program

google-chromemouse scroll

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

I have Google Chrome in my launcher and I want to add the parameter --scroll-pixels=50 when I open it.

However, I don't get any option to set the command line options of the link.

Any ideas?

Best Answer

The easiest thing to do is:

  1. Remove your existing Chrome icon from the Unity launcher
  2. Open the Unity Dash and make it non-maximized

enter image description here

  1. Type "chrome"
  2. Drag the Chrome icon to your desktop
  3. Right-click on the Chrome icon on your desktop and choose "Properties"
  4. Modify "Command" to insert --scroll-pixels=50 before %U and close the window
  5. Move the icon from your desktop to some folder (where it will stay)
  6. Drag the icon from the folder to your Unity launcher
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