Ubuntu – Sound Recorder does not show “record as” option

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I am setting up a Lubuntu box to install in a local classroom where people are not super tech-savvy.

I need an audio recording application for them to record things using the microphone and save in a specific folder. I have chosen Sound Recorder because Audio Recorder and Audacity are too complicated.

I have one problem; the only option in the Record From field is Master and the Record As field where there should be file format options (.ogg, .wav, etc.) is blank with no options.

Can anybody tell me how to actually record sound using "Sound Recorder"?

when run from terminal, when I press the record button it shows:

(gnome-sound-recorder:1894): GStreamer-WARNING **: Element 'gconfaudiosource' already has parent

Best Answer

As I said in my last comment, according to this Launchpad page gnome-sound-recorder is broken and won't be fixed (it will be removed in future releases). My suggestion for your classroom is to use audacity or write a simple GUI wrapper for arecord/parec.

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