Ubuntu – “Sorry, Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error.”


I have recently upgraded to Precise and had some errors. It seems to be quite random and with differences in the error reports. I have duly sent the reports hoping the system will have found the problem and sorted itself out. After the second error I am following the wizards (software…) advice and seeking help.
The 1st time it happened I jotted down the following:

LaunchPad bug 950765

The second time the following:

"Possible GPU hang........"
LaunchPad bug 981261

If there is anyone that can help it is much appreciated. I did not really want to upgrade at this stage, but was forced to due to the latest version of python-numpy in precise. You win some, you loose some….


I am using a Pavilion dv6 notebook and 64bit ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Best Answer

My advice would be to turn off Apport. Unless you are experiencing problems other than the system error messages

Apport is used in alpha and beta releases to help find and report bugs and would normally be switched off in a final release, but for some reason I have noticed it is on in 12.04.

This is causing unnecessary crash reports to pop up and it will be completely safe to turn off

To turn off Apport, run sudo sed -i s/enabled=1/enabled=0/ /etc/default/apport

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