Ubuntu – software updater failed to download repository information


When I run software updater it says that it failed to download repository information and to check Internet connectivity.

I have Internet connectivity.

How do I fix this?

editing to add content of sources,list:

sorry I can't figure out how to paste in the content of sources.list without making a huge mess. Some of it previews as really large bold print. I tried to follow the block quoting and code rules but it is a huge mess anyway.

Best Answer

In my experience, there are at least three other causes of the failure: incorrect repository location, repository is down, and incorrect proxy settings.

First, check your software repository location in /etc/apt/sources.list or run software-properties-gtk. Make sure you can reach all of the repository, e.g. by using the web browser to make sure that the site is not currently down.

If it's OK, then check your system-wide proxy settings. Because software update is run by using root privilege, so the proxy settings used would be the root's too. Check this question to set system-wide proxy settings.

Another cause might be firewall, but I'm not sure :).

Hope it helps.


It is not a problem if you get message gpg: /tmp/tmp<somerandom>/trustdb.gpg: trustdb created when running software-properties-gtk from the terminal.

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