Ubuntu – Software to seamlessly edit multiple images

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Format of my mom's old PC is overdue, W7 is slow and choppy and I'd love to show her how fast her laptop can be with a lightweight Ubuntu distro.

But my mom is really used to Microsoft Office Picture Manager 2007. From time to time she has to sit and crop/rotate/change brightness or contrast/resize (as in, lowering the quality)/delete multiple images.
And MOPM 2007 has this really neat option, that after launching a file from a directory and editing it, you can just press an arrow, which seamlessly opens next image in same window, while remembering actions done on previous one.

That way she can edit those photos really fast and easy. No saving every image separately. No opening files separately. No pop-ups every action.
Do your job and save all at the end of work-session. Obviously I can't introduce her to something like GIMP, but in the other hand I worry all those light editors might be too lite.

So, before I start looking on my own, going through tens of different programs – maybe someone can suggest something first?

Best Answer

By Rawstudio you can easily edit jpeg files, too. But I am not sure, if you are able to install it to current Ubuntu releases. https://rawstudio.org/