Software-Center Update-Manager Segmentation-Fault – Software-Center and Update-Manager Segmentation Fault

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I am using Ubuntu 11.10. After upgrading, neither software-center nor update-manager would run. I get a segmentation fault when launched from the console.
I can do sudo apt-get update without problem, but the upgrade does not work neither does the installation of any package i.e.,sudo apt-get upgrade or sudo apt-get install emacs simply returns the prompt back and nothing happens.

More exactly : software-center gives this :
2012-01-30 16:07:17,144 - softwarecenter.ui.gtk3.em - INFO - EM's: 17 15 21 Segmentation fault Nothing else happens then. With update-manager: Segmentation fault A window flashes and immediately goes away. With sudo apt-get install emacs and sudo apt-get upgrade nothing happens with either of these two commands. sudo apt-get upgrade works well though

Best Answer

According to this thread on the Ubuntu Forums (for which the solution was originally found on this thread):


When I click System > Administration > Update Manager it comes up (grayed out) and the small "Starting Update Manager" window comes up but when the bar is half filled it disappears.


According to a forum thread from the archive,, you should be able to fix the problem by issuing the following command from a terminal:

sudo rm /var/cache/apt/*.bin
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