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I'm using VS code installed via snap. The latest version has an annoying bug in it and I want to revert to the previous version, but I don't see a way to tell snap to install a specific version. All I see with snap info are the different channels which all yield to the latest version. Also on the Snapcraft website I can't select another version.

In the snap docs it says that I could revert, but this doesn't work for me, as there is no prior version installed.

I can download a snap with the specific version from the VS code website, June 2020 (version 1.47), but I personally would prefer to handle this by snap directly.

There seem to be some people with the same problem, but I didn't find a working answer:

The question summed up is: Is there a possibility to revert to an older snap version and if yes, how to do that?

Best Answer

You can install specific old version in snap that is not the problem. Take a look at this answer for detailed instructions.

Your real problem is that snap repo for Visual studio Code has no old versions, just one latest version:

snap info code
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