Ubuntu – SMPlayer has no sound with any output driver


Yesterday I updated the SMPlayer to the 17.10.0 (revision 8701). After update I can not hear any sound. I tried all output drivers: ALSA, pulse, oss, jack, pcm, sdl and sndio but none of them works.

After that I did remove and purge smplayer* and removed .config/smplayer/ folder and reinstall SMPlayer but the problem still exists.

On the GNOME control panel>sound>Applications SMPlayer does not list there when it is open.

The weird thing is mpv media player has sound.

What went wrong on my SMPlayer? How can I fix it?

I'm Using:
Ubuntu 16.04 GNOME

GNOME shell 3.18.5

Best Answer

SMPlayer 17.10 has stopped using some video and audio filters that have been deprecated in recent versions of mpv, and now it uses new ones. Unfortunately the version of mpv in Ubuntu 16.04 is very old and doesn't have some of the new filters.

Solution 1: update mpv

Solution 2: go to the SMPlayer preferences and turn off the audio equalizer and the volume normalization options. And don't use any of the audio filters from the audio menu.

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