Ubuntu – Simple way to consistently access a SMB mount


Is there any simple GUI way to make an SMB share persistent? I don't quite remember the steps, but on Windows, once you've mapped a share to a drive, you're given the option to 'reconnect on boot' (or something like that).

I figure I can just edit fstab, but this is something I have less technical users (as in GUI only) wanting to do, and it would be nice if there was some simple way to accomplish this.

[Note: Edited the title to reflect that while I originally specified 'persistent' for my use, something that's can be consistently accessed is fine.]

Best Answer

If you define "persistent" as "user always can click on it" then standard tools will do:

  1. Go to "Places -> Connect to Server..."
  2. Select "Windows share". Enter connection data.
  3. Select "Add bookmark".

Now persistent bookmark will be available on your "Places" menu and on the left navigation panel in file browser (nautilus).

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