Nvidia – Simple Switching Between Multiple Monitor Configurations



I use Ubuntu 11.04 on a laptop.
I have three monitor configurations:

  • Work: disable laptop monitor, use external 1920 X 1200 monitor
  • Home: disable laptop monitor, use external 1680 x 1050 monitor
  • Other: just laptop monitor

I use NVIDIA X Server settings to switch between monitor configurations.

  • The ideal situation would be that the monitor configuration could be activated based on what external monitor was plugged into the laptop.
  • Another reasonable option would be to have a shortcut key that toggled between the three laptop configurations (or perhaps three shortcut keys, one for each configuration).


  • How can I more simply switch between monitor configurations?

Initial thoughts

  • A user asked about automatic switching of monitor configurations on ubuntu
    with some more suggestions here
  • I thought there might be some way of using a shortcut key to manipulate the xorg.conf file.

Best Answer

Try Disper, it's got some potential. I am still figuring it out but it will definitely do what you described. I don't think auto-switching is a realistic option yet, but Disper with a keyboard shortcut is worth trying out.

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