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Anyone have a simple tutorial for running speech recognition under linux? I see that pocketsphinx is available as a binary download in the software centre, but running it from terminal fails reporting that it needs parameters, but I do not know what to put there. I tried installing all the voice models listed, but I don't know where they get saved or how to make them work. I also wasn't sure what to do to make Sphinx3 work either. The Sphinx3 manpages seem broken and the pocketsphinx one doesn't have an example usage that makes sense to me.

I'm looking for something that gets 60% correct recognition from microphone input with a limited vocabulary and words, and can then write that to a text file – this stuff existed in the late 1980s. So, I know it exists and should work somehow.


(P.S. Internet connection is a no go)

Best Answer

Try Simon Listens

Simon is an open-source speech recognition program and replaces the mouse and keyboard. Its designed to be very flexible and allows customization for any application where speech recognition is needed.

To Download and more information visit simon on kde.org