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I am looking for a simple way to install a mail server on my Ubuntu server. I would like to be able to receive and send emails though a webmail (e.g. roundcube).

I have a domain name. The web server already works without any problem.

When I googled "simple method to install mail server on Ubuntu", I arrive on blogs with literally hundreds of steps to install a mail server:

  1. A Mailserver on Ubuntu 12.04: Postfix, Dovecot, MySQL
  2. Creating a Mail Server on Ubuntu
  3. Postfix

But, for sure I will make a mistake, if I follow those tutorials, and it will be very very time consuming. Most of the steps look very easy to automate, though.

I've try several install methods:

sudo apt-get install dovecot-postfix

sudo tasksel install mail-server

But from there, I have no idea how to add email accounts, and test if it actually works.

Do you know if there is an automated way to install a mail server?



A very interesting open source project that turns a ubuntu machine into an email server:

Best Answer

Zimbra is a great and easy to setup mailserver with collaboration, it might be a bit heavy for some people's needs, but the first time I installed it I had it up and running in under 30 min. It even has paid support, if you really need it.

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