Ubuntu – “show desktop” with “hot corners” not working!


The function SHOW DESKTOP when moving mouse to the HOT CORNERS in ubuntu 13.04 worked.

After updating to 13.10, SHOW DESKTOP/HOT CORNERS only works until rebooting or setsid unity, after which it doesn't work.

I thought that something was wrong in the update to 13.10, so I made a clean install of ubuntu 14.04 to find out that the same issue exists.

What can I do to make SHOW DESKTOP/HOT CORNERS work again?

I have already tried to reset compiz and unity, and I did fresh install.

Best Answer

I was able to solve the problem by brute force.

Moving every single option in CompizConfig Settings Manager I did find that when Unity was disabled then Show Desktop works as expected with the HOT CORNERS.

So i click every single checkmark in Ubuntu Unity Plugin to finally find that Show Live Previews of Windows in the Switcher was the one to blame. (After unchecking it hot corners works as expected.