Ubuntu – Show Applications not scrolling after upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 from 18.04 (via 19.10)


Everything works fine, with one exception. I can't seem to scroll down through Show Applications screen. Interestingly I can cursor down and hit return and that application will start though I can not see what app is highlighted.

Show Applications wont scroll

I have tried disabling all extensions via Tweaks (I know this screenshot shows usage of appfolder-management extension) as per the feedback in My Apps are not showing…question

Any ideas?

Best Answer

This solution may be a temporary fix.

What you can do is go to Settings, go to Appearance go to Submenu Dock and switch the position from Left or Right to Bottom.

Now the applications menu will shift to the bottom right. Click on that and now you will find application scrolling.

This worked for me when I unintentionally changed this setting. Hope this will solve your problem.

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