Ubuntu – Should I be offered the option to upgrade to 18.04.1


I understand that the first point release of Ubuntu 18.04, namely 18.04.1 is now available and that my system should now offer it as an update.

My current OS version is 16.04.5 LTS. In System Settings/Software and Updates I have set 'Notify me of a new Ubuntu version' to 'For long term support versions'. I have tried both the main server and the server for United Kingdom, neither offers an update when Software Updater is clicked or via the Ubuntu Software icon.

Can anyone please tell me why I don't get the option of updating to 18.04?


I don't remember the details exactly, but I think that my last LTS point release update was offered automatically a lot sooner after the published release date than where we are now with 18.04.1.

Edit 10th August

It appears that there has been some problem with the update process and that it should be fixed next week, see:

Ubuntu change log

Edit 14th August
18.04.1 LTS now available from UK server,

Best Answer

The upgrade from 16.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS does not occur until the .1 release has been out. The usual procedure is the 'taps' are turned on a few days after the .1 release. Currently we're only hours after the release, not 'days', so the update will not be offered quite yet.

It's mentioned in the release notes:

"Users of Ubuntu 16.04 will soon be offered an automatic upgrade to 18.04.1 via Update Manager."

-- update 2018-08-08 ~04:30 UST/UTC

It may soon be available; if this is the 'critical' bug holding up release (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-menus/+bug/1766890) - it only impacts 16.04 LTS -> 18.04 LTS upgrades. 18.04.1 is stable; it's the upgrade-path that is turned-off..

-- update 2018-08-10 ~10:10 UST/UTC


"We are working on resolving bug http://launchpad.net/bugs/1766890 which results in a bad upgrade experience when people upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04. There is a new version of the dist-upgrader in -proposed and we will be testing it the next couple of days and plan on updating meta-release-lts at the beginning of next week."