Ubuntu – Share between Ubuntu machines


I'm sure it might be a very easy way to do this, but I haven't found how…
I have two machines with Ubuntu 10.10 on the same network (just workgroup, no domain involved). On one of them I have shared a folder through Nautilus Folder Sharing. When opening the Network place on the second machine, I cannot see the first one listed, just Windows Network and when going into this folder I can see the Workgroup though when trying to go into it I get an Unable to mount. Failed to retrieve share list from server error.

Is it required to do something else when sharing the folder through Nautilus?

Best Answer

Method 1:
You can use SAMBA for file sharing(but samba is mostly used to share files between linux and windows machines)

  • In terminal type the following gksudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf

  • Add the line usershare owner only = False to the [global] section.

  • Go to Places>>Computer.

  • Right click the folder you want to share and choose Sharing Options. alt text

  • Check the box that says Share this folder.

  • Write your share name and check the box that says Allow other people to write in this folder.

  • Now you should be able to see and access the shared folder from your network.

Method 2:
You can use Openssh run the following to install it,

sudo apt-get install openssh-server openssh-client

Now goto Places menu and choose Connect to Server

(In oneiric (11.10), click desktop and use the menu at the top: File --> Connect to Server)

alt text

  • In the Service type: Select SSH

  • In Server: give the IP address of the PC where the info is on.

  • In Port: give 22.

  • Now in Folder: Pick the folder you wish to share.

  • In User Name: give the username of the pc you are connected to.

  • Click Connect after that you will get a windows where you have to enter a password of the PC you are trying to connect to.

  • Now you have read/write permissions.