Ubuntu – Setting system wide proxy through bash script (Temporarily)


I'm trying to temporarily set the system wide proxy option which is available as GUI in the Network Settings through bash script. I only want the proxy to be applicable while the script is running and has to reset to no proxy when the script ends. So, basically, I am looking for something like:

—-Script Start—-

Change Proxy to a predefined IP, port combination


On close, reset proxy

—-Script End—–

Now, I saw something on setting the environment variable but I am not sure how to apply this temporarily.

Best Answer

Type the following command to set proxy server in linux command line.

export http_proxy=

Put a back tick character (`) before and after that command so that bash will execute the EXPORT command.

Note: is your proxy server ip address and 3128 is the port for example.

To remove the variable value, use this command.



unset http_proxy

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