Ubuntu – Setting “Always on Visible Workspace” does not work


As I stated in the title, Always on Visible Workspace does not work.
It used to, but I think that plugging another monitor (via HDMI) changed some options and now, after unplugging – this option does not work.
I've found http://gregcor.com/2011/05/07/fix-du…es-are-broken/ but I don't have desktop/gnome/shell config, so there was no help.

Do you have some ideas what might have happened?

Description: Ubuntu 13.10

Move to other workspace makes current window dissapear – so I suppose it exists in some other (virtual?) workspace, that actually doesn't exist. So I think something in wrong with workspaces (!).

But Ctrl+Shift+Right/Left/Up/Down works all right. It moves window to other workspace. So I suppose the application that moves by "Ctrl+Shift+Right/Left/Up/Down" has a proper settings while window manager does not.

Best Answer

I had the exact same issue. The following worked for me.

Open up CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm). Go to the 'Workarounds' section -> Window stickyness (bottom of General Tab). Select/enable the checkbox next to 'Make "on all desktops" windows "sticky"'.

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