How to Set Up Domain Name on Private Server in Ubuntu 12.04


I have a Linux server (Ubuntu 12.04) I'm using to learn as much as I can about server management. I've got as far as getting a full LAMP setup running, but have hit a dead end trying to get a domain name to point to my server.

I've set up a virtual host in an Apache .conf file, and set up the IP address in the hosts file with the domain name, and have pointed the A record to the IP address with no luck. I've also installed bind9, but thought I'd see if I'm going in the wrong direction rather than messing anything up with that.

What is the best way to get a domain name up and running – ideally in a way that would be production ready rather than a temporary setup

EDIT: Thanks for the tips – just to better inform the situation – I have a few spare domain names registered that I can use, and I'm renting a VPS to play with. Currently I have the DNS * and @ A record pointing to the IP, but the nameservers are with the registrar if that makes a difference?

Best Answer

You should start by seeing if you can change your domain's DNS in their control panel. If you can, then you shoud set the domain to use an A record to point to the IP address for your VPS you're running stuff on. Once you do that, wait 24 hours and check to see if the domain correctly points to your server.

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